Fabrication & Design

All our cabinets and furniture are handmade in our Monterey studio, and designed to meet your needs long after we have left. Our clients value the precision and care with which we make all our pieces.


JBH works with fine materials ranging from exotic, one-off flitch sawn veneers to solid woods. They synthesize a mastery of traditional joinery with state-of-the-art modern construction methods. The end result is a vibrant and living product infused with the legacy of years of hard won knowledge, soul, and integrity.


JBH specializes in partnering with leading design firms and architects to transform concepts, sketches, and drawings into beautiful, functional, and durable interiors and furniture. In collaboration with homeowners, architects, and designers, they develop three-dimensional renderings and state-of-the-art CAD drawings that infuse design with the authenticity of their time honored trade.